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Gëzuar Pashkët
Universiteti Amerikan i Tiranës i uron të gjithë besimtarëve të krishtere, katolike e...
Njoftim për vend të lirë pune - Pedagog/e në Farmaci
Universiteti Amerikan i Tiranës shpall pozicione të lira pune për Pedagog/e në Departamentin e...
Universiteti Amerikan i Tiranës – UAT u ofron mundësi të veçanta individëve të motivuar,...

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Sot në Universitetin Amerikan të Tiranës u zhvillua ceremonia e dhënies së diplomave për...
Series of workshops at UAT under the "Academic Reconstruction of South Eastern Europe" programme
On 15th of June, a series of workshops started at the campus of the American University of Tirana,...

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UAT-Basket beson deri në fund dhe ia del!
Dje me datë 22.04.2014 në orën 20:30 u luajt ndeshja e kthimit e gjysmëfinales ndërmjet ekipit...
Mbyllet konferenca 3 ditore e projektit Tempus "ENCHASE"
Përfundon konferenca 3 ditore e partnerëve europiane dhe shqiptarë për takimin  e dytë...
Universiteti Amerikan i Tiranës pjesëmarrës në takimin e EURAS 2014-2015 në Bukuresht
Perfaqësues të Universitetit Amerikan të Tiranës morën pjesë në takimin e Planit Strategjik...

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Title: Kejsi Tola - UAT

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Image Kristi Caka - Banking & Finance
Being in front of many choices or questions? Being dominated by insecurities and dilemmas? This is the situation of every high school graduate student. For sure, I was one of them one year ago.... Read more...
Image Megi Përmeti - Law
With the completion of the Matura year I was undecided about where and what I was going to study! I had heard of many universities, both private and state ones. Friends and relatives had oriented me... Read more...
Image Envira Abdurrahmani - Pharmacy
I guess that I have to admit it: having a degree in Albania is not that hard. Everyone with the will to get involved in the system of higher education as a student, with a little effort, can make it,... Read more...
Image Gentiana Troplini - Law
Students often puzzle over which profession to choose. In my opinion, this is one of the moments when a person needs more than ever the help of others to discuss advantages or disadvantages of each... Read more...
Image Bruno Gjoni, Business Management
Whenever you think of trying to make changes in your life, you have a feeling that something might go wrong or that it might be hard. Getting from high school to college is the next step... Read more...
Image Jola Habasllari, Pharmacy
The saying goes that the first year of college is always difficult. However, in my case, it was perhaps far more difficult compared to other students' first years. Even though I come from an Albanian... Read more...
Image Flladi Malaj - Law
Thank you, UAT! I want to share with you a dream, a dream that we all have in common at UAT. Allow me to start with the fear I had when I first stepped into this university, a fear that I believe we... Read more...

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